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My Story: How The Raw Food Diet Transformed My Life

I just wanted to share with you how the raw food diet has transformed my life. I hope my story might help you to improve your life with a healthier diet.

Q: What is your background? How did you find-out about the health benefits of raw foods and what caused you to make the switch?

I was a college graduate trying to find myself all the while experiencing depression and panic attacks for 6.5 years. It was a miserable and desperate time of my life. I was truly alone and barely getting by at menial clerical types of jobs because my depression made me unable to really deal with people or to handle greater responsibilities. I experienced tremendous fears and it took all my concentration just to make it through a work day. I also had other health problems most of which quickly resolved when I switched to eating a raw food diet.

Then one day after over six years of suffering (I was getting a little better but never overcame the depression) I went to a medical nutritionist and he recommended I take certain supplements and to read a diet book called, "Fit For Life." I skipped the supplements and read the book instead.

As soon as I finished reading that book I decided to introduce a lot more fruit into my diet. Within one day, my depression and panic attacks went away. That book cleared many of my fears and misconceptions about fruit eating. Though later on I was to get negatively brainwashed by other books that taught the raw food diet.

Q: What is the benefit you enjoy the most from the raw food diet?

Feeling happy almost all the time. Eating raw has made me much happier than I ever was before going raw. I call it happiness from the cellular level. Happiness for no particular reason at all.

I just enjoy life much more. Some people think going raw is such a burden, but for many people they have to find a reason to be happy or to enjoy the day. That just comes naturally for me these days.

I also enjoy the electrical feeling of my food. Raw fruits and vegetables have a magnetic charge which is no longer there in cooked foods. I think eating raw harmonizes the body and spirit and that is why I feel so much happier.

Of course, I still strive for goals and feel happy when achieving them, but I don't need a particular reason to be happy.

Q: What are some of the health conditions you overcame by eating raw?

When I discovered the raw food diet, it dramatically changed my life. I overcame six and a half miserable years of depression and anxiety attacks after just one day of eating a 50% raw food diet. All my life I used to be moody and lazy, this healthy diet quickly changed this.

Diseases and Conditions I Overcame:
* Depression
* Arthritis
* Gum Disease
* No more infections
* Cooked Food Addiction
* Lungs filled with Mucous
* Laziness
* Moodiness
* Mental Fog after Meals
* Anxiety Attacks
* Irritability: I rarely get mad anymore. If I do it's only for a few seconds and then it dissipates.
* Premature Aging: I got a natural facelift. Actually the skin on my whole body got tighter.

Success Diet:

Can you imagine a diet that actually leads you to success. It's not just about rapid weight loss. I lost 15 pounds in one month while eating as much as I wanted. You'll almost never see an obese 100% raw foodist, as long as they don't eat a lot of high fat and dehydrated foods. I've yet to encounter one anyway.

I actually got smarter, happier, more creative, had more energy and so much more.

This diet also acts as a Magical Fountain of Youth. My body started to feel like rubber. My skin got tighter producing a totally natural face-lift and whole body skin tightening. I am less prone to injury. In fact, I am running faster on the tennis court than when I was a teenager. My arthritis went away in a very short time.

One of the most amazing things was that my lungs cleared out tremendously. I'm able to breathe 20% deeper breaths. Regular indoor air is so invigorating that I feel I'm in a pristine pine forest in Vermont. This is compared to not being able to breathe deep breaths. For the first time in my life, I am able to go jogging without having to open my mouth to breathe.

I want you to know that I love my raw food lifestyle now. It was a struggle at first, but had I known the things I know now it would have been much easier and I could have been 100% successful a long time ago.

Stick with me so you can take the shortcut to raw food diet success. Radiant health and vibrant happiness do not have to come at the loss of great tasting foods. You'll learn that there are now many Gourmet Raw Food Vegan Restaurants opening up all around the United States and the rest of the world. You can learn to prepare tasty raw foods dishes and never feel deprived at all. These foods taste better than cooked foods because they haven't been damaged by heating.

Better yet you can simplify your diet and develop what I call Gourmet Taste Buds. The longer you go raw and the simpler you eat the more refined your taste buds become and then simple foods start to taste amazingly good by themselves without spices, cooking or combining with other foods.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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