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Defeat Depression By Adding Raw Fruits and Vegetables To Your Diet

What foods cause depression?

Do you know what I did to heal 6.5 years of depression in one day?

Below is a question I that comes up often from people new to a raw food diet. In my response, you'll see the easy change I made to overcome the worst years of my life.

Question: What portion of the diet do you recommend should be raw to start seeing some of these benefits?

Answer: This is a great question. I benefited immensely by about a 50% raw food diet. By just eating that way, I overcame 6.5 years of depression and panic attacks in just one day.

Yes in one day. My life dramatically improved by going 50% raw. All I did was have only raw fruits for breakfast and a smoothie and a salad the rest of the day. In between, I often ate cooked food, so that is why it was only 50% raw. Dinners were mostly cooked as well.

Later on I discovered the higher percentage of my diet that was raw, the happier and healthier I felt and the more benefits I experienced. Overcoming depression is a major benefit. But all the best and multiple benefits of going raw can only be achieved by going completely raw.


** So the answer to my subject line: What foods cause depression?

In my case, cooked foods. This is true of many other raw foodists I've met and worked with. They generally feel so much happier and life is easier to handle by going raw.

Don't you think that is the best reason for going raw? Everyone wants to be happy and you'll be happiest if you give up cooked food addiction.


However, I also think the question asked comes from a misunderstanding that most people have. It's a backward sense of thinking because most people have been eating in a very unhealthy way their whole lives. The whole concept of eating for most people is based on traditional but extremely unhealthy ideas.

Even most health nuts eat a very toxic and carcinogenic diet. Yet they believe they are eating healthy. They may be compared to the Standard Western Diet, but compared to a 100% raw food diet, they are really suffering.

There are no safe cooked foods. This opinion is based on scientific research, my results, the results of my raw food coaching clients and friends. There is no healthy diet unless it is all raw.

However, there certainly are degrees of healthy. There are even some partially cooked diets that I believe are healthier than a very high fat, raw food diet.

** How Much Smoking Is Safe?

It's similar to asking how much can you smoke before you get cancer. The right answer is to simply not smoke at all and never get addicted to smoking in the first place.

If you're not addicted, then you won't even think of smoking or ever want to do it if you value your health. The exact same thing applies to cooked foods.

Eating cooked food is at least as unhealthy as smoking and I believe it is actually far more dangerous than smoking. Eating cooked and processed foods causes many more diseases than smoking ever will.

Here's a quote from waisays.com. When she says prepared food, she means cooked and processed foods.

"Cigarette smoke contains physically addictive beta-carbolines, and so does prepared food. And extra addictive substances are added to cigarettes, as well as to food products too; when you quit smoking, the loss of addictive substances from cigarettes is compensated by consuming more prepared food, making you gain weight.

Cigarette smoke contains mutagenic heterocyclic amines, and so does prepared food.

Cigarettes can be lethal, but prepared food is even more lethal, because it is absorbed in greater quantities."

I don't agree with all her conclusions or diet recommendations, but you'll be able to see why eating cooked food is at least as dangerous as smoking. The article on her site explains this in much more detail.

Our natural diet is always going to be 100% raw. We can get some great benefits even without going 100% raw, but I just can't recommend anything less than 100% because you'd be cheating yourself out of the life you deserve to live.

The only way to overcome your addiction to cooked food is to eat only raw food. As long as you continue to eat cooked food, you'll continue to be addicted to it.

It's like alcoholics are told, you can't just have one more drink. One drink can quickly lead to full blown alcoholism. The same thing applies to eating cooked food and trust me it works just like a drug.

So my suggestion is to gradually increase the percentage of raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. With the goal of some day never eating cooked food again.

My raw food coaching and support website http://HowToGoRaw.com helps people to quickly and easily overcome their cooked food addiction. It's much easier when you know the psychological and dietary secrets to raw food success.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske