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My Number One Tip For Going Raw

Do you ever wonder what it's going to take for you to finally stick to eating the Raw Food Diet? Have you been binging on cooked food? Do you get bored with eating raw? Is it really possible for you to go raw and feel balanced and nourished?

These are just some of the questions that new people attempting to go raw are asking themselves. For most people changing diet is worse than changing their religion. It's not so easy to do if you don't have the right mental concepts.

Enjoying and sticking to a 100% Raw Food Diet isn't easy, but it's much easier when you know all the tricks. The only problem is it's hard to get this kind of knowledge only from a book. There are too many questions that come up in daily life. You can't ask a book questions. A book can't be customized for your needs.

Don't get me wrong, I think books, audio's, video's or any other method of learning about the raw food diet are vital to your success but...

I've found the most important ingredient to raw food diet success is getting expert support and or coaching.

Many people have read about the raw food diet, tried it and failed numerous times for one reason or another. I was one of those people. It took me five years of trial and error and still no success at staying 100% raw.

My health improved a lot in that time, but I wanted the complete benefits of going raw that can only happen by eating a total raw food diet (nothing cooked).

I wasn't able to stay raw for long until I found a raw food support group and then a raw food mentor. He then introduced me to Dr. Douglas Graham the author of the breakthrough book, The 80/10/10 Diet.

With the right support naturally comes the right information and I was finally able to stay raw. It's as if I needed reverse brainwashing. I had been indoctrinated for years in all sorts of false nutritional concepts. The protein myth still pervaded my thinking, among many other false ideas about nutrition.

The problem with trying to succeed with only reading books is that even in the raw food world there are many highly contradictory theories. You get so confused and afraid, you no longer know what to do.

Also what happens when you experience a problem, can you ask a book a question? Of course not, you want to be able to interact with real people. If you see them doing it, then you think, you can do it. When I first went raw I only knew one raw foodist. If you know a group of people them it becomes a more real possibility.

You realize it's not a constant struggle for them. In fact, they now prefer staying 100% raw and it's easy for them to stick with their health renewing raw food diet.

Since I've been involved with raw food support groups in NYC and even started my own that meets every Monday night in Manhattan, I've realized that the people who attend the meetings regularly, seem to have the most success at going raw.

Once you have a good support group and possibly even a raw food mentor or a raw food coach, things start looking much easier to you. It's just easier when you know people who are doing what you strive to do.

What You Can Do:

So here's what I suggest you do. Find or start your own local raw food support group. Even if you don't know much about going raw it doesn't matter. The key is you want to go raw and have others supporting you in this as well. Eventually you'll run into people with more experience and maybe they'll want to help you lead the meetings.

If you prefer, you can also get support online. I suggest following only one raw food system at a time.

If you go to many of the free forums on the Internet, you can actually get scared off of eating raw. There are so many conflicting theories it can really throw you off the path in a hurry.

So find a system you believe in and stick with it and nothing else. Personally, I think my site www.HowToGoRaw.com is the best raw food-coaching site on the Internet. It's also one of the best values by far.

My site teaches you Nature's Diet, The Optimal Raw Food Diet. You get consistent support and start to develop a raw food family in our supportive and non-judgmental forums.

You can also hire a Raw Food Coach for telephone and email coaching if you feel you need or want more personal support. This is not necessary but it can really help you through the initial hurdles of going raw.

Most of the hurdles are really just false beliefs. It can take a bit of unlearning to help you succeed. Remember you can get the support you need in a number of ways. Expert support from experienced raw foodists is the best way to succeed at going 100% raw.

Expert support and coaching is my number one tip for going raw.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske